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You run a charity. Managing a charity can be complex and involves a high level of transparency with regard to numerous partners.
Audit Consultants can help you with…

Setting up and monitoring your accounts

  • Producing and presenting annual accounts
  • Setting up the appropriate accounting system for your charity (management and monitoring)
  • Outsourcing the administrative and accounting functions
  • Production of interim statements
  • Production of budgets
  • Cost accounting

Managing the charity

  • Overall management and steering (dashboards, budgetary control, investment projects, etc.)
  • Financial management advice (assistance with cash management, seeking finance and relationships with banks and other financial institutions)
  • Advice on and preventing difficulties (restructuring, business continuity planning)
  • Support in presenting accounts to the AGM

Social legislation management

  • Recruitment formalities
  • Drawing up payslips and social charges declarations
  • Advice and assistance on social law


  • Drawing up and optimising tax returns
  • Assistance if your business is inspected