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Are you the manager of an SME? Audit Consultants can help you with…

Setting up and monitoring your accounts

  1. Producing and presenting annual accounts
    We can help you produce assets and liabilities; profit and loss accounts with annexes; and we can help you in presenting these to your associates, staff, partners, members and bankers.
  2. Setting up the appropriate accounting system for your business (management and monitoring).
    Depending on the size of your business, we will draw up an accounting plan suitable for your organisation.
  3. Outsourcing the administrative and accounting functions.
    We will take care of this, allowing you to focus on your core business – developing sales and running your company.
  4. Production of interim statements.
    We can spot a fall in cash reserves, an indicator in the red, a variation in working capital requirement… one-off or recurring, quarterly or half-yearly, we compare changes to statements and prepare interim statements to identify the nature of the problem and quickly remedy it.
  5. Producing projected budgets
    With your help, we draw up a projected budget, a key document for steering your business as well as for obtaining finance for your business.
  6. Cost accounting.
    How much does my sales department/production function cost? How profitable is a particular product or facility? Based on the profit and loss account, we can set up cost accounting with the associated cost-price calculation tools to sort the data by facility, product or function; be aware of the prices of your raw materials so you can to get your quotes right and sell at the right price – whilst keeping an eye on profitability.

Managing the company

  • Overall management and steering (dashboards, budgetary control, investment projects, etc.)
    The dashboard is produced at fixed intervals, based on key indicators. This means you can visibly monitor your development.
    Budgetary control enables you to measure and analyse discrepancies between forecasts and reality. Aim: to improve and thus avoid going off course next year. You face investment choices. We can advise you on calculating the profitability of investments, and help you justify your choices when dealing with banks.
  • Financial management advice (assistance with cash management, seeking finance and relationships with banks and other financial institutions)
    Do you know how to optimise your investments, where to invest surplus cash, how to cope with unexpected situations such as overdraft agreements, short-term finance or credit transfers and how to get lines of credit from banks? These are all questions that we can answer through financial management advice. This also involves anticipation through forecasting, achieving targets at year end. Thanks to our knowledge of the banking sector, we can support you in your relationships with financial institutions.
  • Advice on difficulties and how to prevent them (restructuring, business continuity planning)
    If you find yourself in difficulty… We can help you look at the alternative measures you can take to continue operating; depending on what is needed, we can set up interim statements, operating forecasts, and cash-flow forecasts.
  • Valuing businesses with a view to disposal
    Are you looking to sell or convert your business? There are many ways to value a business for disposal: asset transfer, succession, distribution, donations and transfers. Based on several criteria, we can advise you on the most suitable method to value the business at the correct price, calculating and optimising your assets.

Social legislation management

  • Recruitment formalities
    We can help you to draw up official employment declarations and contracts. We can also help you to recruit suitable staff.
  • Drawing up payslips and social charges declarations
    Our payroll service can draw up payslips and declarations of contributions to social organisations.
  • Advice and assistance on social law
    Management of social legislation in your business cannot be left to guesswork. Incentive contracts, Individual Training Entitlement, training plans, collective bargaining agreements, etc. Our well organised payroll service can respond to this type of requirement


  • Drawing up and optimising tax returns
    We can help you with the legal requirement to submit tax returns. When faced with decisions (on research tax credit, VAT, etc.), we can provide advice and expertise.
  • Assistance if your business is inspected
    We can analyse your case and contact the relevant tax authorities; We can accompany you at arbitration meetings. We can monitor reports.

Legal monitoring

  • Changing to comply with a legal structure
    As your business develops, we can help you to adapt or to choose a new legal structure.
  • Assistance with legal documentation
    Our highly experienced legal department can offer assistance on all legal formalities concerning company constitution or conversion. As required, and depending of the complexity of each case, we can provide high level legal expertise.
  • Preparation of articles of constitution, for raising capital or conversion
    You may want to set up a holding company to modify how your group or a subsidiary is structured for a complementary profession. We can help you draw up the official legal documentation.

Business audit

  • Auditing accounts as part of an acquisition of a stake or a complete business
    A buyer will want to value a company as part of any transfer or acquisition of a stake or a complete business. We can carry out a profit and loss audit to help you make an assessment and assist in the negotiating phase.
  • Audits on particular points
    We can carry out audits on particular points: legal, tax, social or structural.

Wealth management advice

Alongside the options that can be taken to help your business run properly, it is also critical to make the right choices in managing your wealth. We can help you with this step, directing you to other professionals if required.

  • Production of an asset balance sheet and overall wealth management strategy
  • Looking at tax protection for spouses
  • Analysis of life insurance policies
  • Setting up of investment companies
  • Producing personal declarations (IRPP, ISF [French income tax and wealth tax], etc.)