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Sole trader /


Are you self-employed or managing a very small business? Audit Consultants can help you with…

Setting up and monitoring your accounts

  • Producing and presenting your annual accounts
    We can guide you through producing your annual accounts (assets, liabilities, profit and loss, plus annexes) and support you when presenting them to associates, staff, partners, members, banks, etc.
  • Setting up the appropriate accounting system for your business (management and monitoring)
    Depending on the size of your business, we will draw up an accounting plan suitable for your organisation.
  • Outsourcing the administrative and accounting functions
    We will take care of this, allowing you to focus on your core business – developing sales and running your company
  • Cost accounting
    Based on the profit and loss account, we can set up cost accounting with the associated cost-price calculation tools to sort the data by facility, product or function; be aware of the prices of your raw materials so you can to get your quotes right and sell at the right price – whilst keeping an eye on profitability.


  • Drawing up and optimising tax returns
    Tax returns include a series of tax declarations submitted by professionals (independent traders on the standard tax regime) or companies subject to corporation tax. It is made up of the declaration itself plus various spreadsheets (balance sheet, profit and loss, depreciation, etc.). Audit Consultants can help you draw up your tax return according to your situation. When faced with decisions (on research tax credit, VAT, etc.), we can provide advice and expertise.
  • Assistance if your business is inspected
    If your business is inspected, we can help you meet the tax authorities’ requirements.

Legal monitoring

  • Assistance with legal documentation
    Our highly experienced legal department can offer assistance on all legal formalities concerning company constitution or conversion. Where required, and depending on the complexity of the transactions, we can provide high level legal expertise.
  • Choosing a legal structure
    Depending on how your business develops, you might need to change its legal structure. We can guide you through the best restructuring solutions including the setting up of a holding company.

Wealth management advice

Alongside the options that can be taken to help your business run properly, it is also critical to make the right choices in managing your wealth. We can help you with this step, directing you to other professionals if required.

  • Production of an asset balance sheet and overall wealth management strategy
  • Opting for the best marital regime and monitoring its development. Advice on transferring assets
  • Producing personal tax returns (IRPP, ISF [French income tax and wealth tax])